2020 BK short course

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  1. Cathy Bow
    Cathy Bow says:

    I’ll start this one off …
    I am Ngalkangila, my mother is Ngalbangardi, my brother is Nakangila, my sister is Ngalkangila, my mother’s mother is Ngalwakadj.

    If everyone posts their skin name and these details, we can start asking each other questions about the skin names of our family members.

    • Tony-G
      Tony-G says:

      Hello Cathy, Ngudda kamak? I am Nangarridj. Who is my brother?

      We have an interssting situation where if we work from Minjilang I am Nangarridj from my childhood relationship with Ilagilag Lamilami, my gaiyu (Mawng older brother). This translates to Balang in Yolngu gurrutu.

      By extension, my Balanda brother would also be Nangarridj.
      but what if he has been ‘adopted’ into a Yolngu relationship and told he is Bulany,
      which translates back to Bininj as Nakangila?

      Are there also questions of authority, precedence, priority and respect
      sitting in the background of this question?

      • Gregory-G
        Gregory-G says:

        At present it is a linguistic exercise. Where I sit in the system is a question for the Bininj I guess. My Yolngu teacher advisor said my Gurritu (Yolngu East Arnhemland word for kin) starts in Minjilang as my life did. Therefore we need to go by that Western Arnhemland way, maybe Compatible w system in Bininj? So given that my Fatger is bro to a man who was Father to Nangarridj, and my bro is accepted as bro to that Nangarridj, I am also Nangarridj, by those kin connections. (But i was ‘adopted’ in East Arnhemland way by an old man elder, now passed away, from Millingimbi as a Bulanj. and I had a Bininj mother/aunty as a baby.) so these are interesting conundrums for later on. I am going to concentrate on grammar, pronunciatio etc. now and let the rest unfold by and by…55 years already so a few more is ok…

  2. Chloe-G
    Chloe-G says:


    I am Ngalbangardi, my mother is Ngalwakadj, my brother is Nabangardi, my sister is Ngalbangardi and my mother’s mother is Ngalkodjok.

    I live in Maningrida so am more familiar with Kuninjku skin names. It’s fascinating how different they are to the Kunwinjku equivalents.


    • Fay-J
      Fay-J says:

      Hi Chloe,
      I believe we are sisters!
      I have also been learning skin names from Korobidahdah in Kune. So this is hurting my head a bit. Some skin names are almost the same when written but map to something completely different.

  3. Denise-H
    Denise-H says:

    I am Ngal-wamud, my mother is ngal-bulanj, my brother is Na- wamud, my sister is Ngla-wamud, and my mothers mother is ngal- Kamarrang.

    I live in Jabiru and finding this challenging pronouncing the words and remembering them.

  4. Aara-W
    Aara-W says:

    I am Ngal-Kamarrang, my mother is Ngal-ngarridj, my brother is Na-kamarang, my sister is Ngal-kamarrang, and my mother’s mother is Ngal-wamud.

    Hey Chloe and/or Denise do either of you know what my moiety would be?

    Seeing this all written down is really helping me to see patterns in how the language works.


  5. Charlotte-M
    Charlotte-M says:

    Hi all! I am Ngalkangila, my mother is Ngalbangardi, my brother is Nakangila, my sister is Ngalkangila, my mother’s mother is Ngalwakadj.

    Can anyone tell me what my Patrimoeity is?

  6. Jamie-M
    Jamie-M says:

    i am Nabangardi, my sister is Ngalbangardi, my brother is also Nabangardi, my mother is Ngalwakadj, and my mothers mother is Ngalkodjok.

    It is quite fascinating coming across from Yolngu skin names in East Arnhem Land, which are essentially the same as in Kuninjku, and for Kunwinjku these kunkurlah are completely opposite (from a balanda perspective).

  7. Leigh-H
    Leigh-H says:

    Hello All

    I am Nakangila, my mother is Ngalbangardi, my brother is also Nakangila, my sister Ngalkangila and my mother’s mother is Ngalwakadj.

    Can anyone tell me what my matri- and patri-moities are? Who can I marry?

  8. Jane-B
    Jane-B says:

    I’m Ngalbulanj, My mothers father is Nawakadj. My brothers wife ( my sister in law) is Ngalkangila and my nieces are Ngalkodjok.
    Who is my father in law?

  9. Chris-C
    Chris-C says:

    Hi Jane,
    Wouldn’t that depend on whether you married Nakawadj or Nakangila? In the former case it would be Nakodjok, in the latter case it would be Nabangardi?

  10. Simon-C
    Simon-C says:

    Hello folks,
    I’m Nakangila, my mother is Ngalbangardi, my brother is Nakangila, my sister is Ngalkangila and my kakkak is Ngalwakadj.
    If I married Ngal-ngarridj, what skin name(s) would our children have?

  11. Matilda-B
    Matilda-B says:

    Hi Everyone.

    I am Ngalkangila, my mother is Ngalbangardi, my brother is Nakangila, my sister is Ngalkangila and my mothers mother is Ngalwakadj.

    Who is my daughter?

  12. Fay-J
    Fay-J says:

    Hi all,
    I am Ngalbangardi, but my Kune speaking friends call me Karmanj.
    My mother is Ngalwakadj my brother is Nabangardi, my sister is Ngalbangardi, my mother’s mother is Ngalkodjok. I am married to Nawamud.

    Who is my daughter?

  13. Anabell
    Anabell says:

    Hi all,

    I am Ngalkamarrang, my mother is Ngalngarridj, my brother is Nakamarang, my sister is Ngalkamarrang, my mother’s mother is Ngalwamud.
    Can you tell me who I better not fall in love with / Who can I not marry?

    • Katie-H
      Katie-H says:

      Anabell best not fall for Nakangila or Nawakadj 😉

      I’m Ngalkodjok, kakkak is Ngalbangardi, sister is Ngalgadjok and brother Nakodjok. I’m lucky my partner is Nakamarang, if we ever have kids they will be little Nawakadj or Ngalwakadj!

  14. Georgina-H
    Georgina-H says:

    Hey everyone,

    I’m Ngalkodjok. My Mother’s skin name is Ngalkangila. My Mother’s mother is Ngalbangardi. Also lucky my partner is Nawamud.

    Who is my father?

  15. Meg-S
    Meg-S says:

    Hi everyone.

    I am Ngalwakadj, my mother is Ngalkodjok, my brother is Nawakadj, my sister is Ngalwakadj, my mothers mother is Ngalkangila.

    What is my moiety?

  16. Melody-K
    Melody-K says:

    Hi everyone,

    I am Ngal-bulanj, a Duwa woman, my mother is Ngal-kamarrang, my brother is Na-bulanj, my mother’s mother was Ngal-ngarridj, my daughter is Ngal-wamud… what is her moiety?

    • Tony-G
      Tony-G says:

      Hello Ngalbulanj,
      I am Nangarridj.

      I think that your daughter, Ngalwamud, is Yirridjdja patri-moeity.
      and that she is Ngarradjku matri-moeity.

      Mah bonj. Bobo

  17. Jacqui-Y
    Jacqui-Y says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I am Ngalbulanj, my mother is Ngalkamarrang, my brother is Nabulanj, my sister is Ngalbulanj, my mother’s mother is Ngalngarridj.

    Do I belong to Ngarradjku moiety?

  18. Gregory-G
    Gregory-G says:

    Yoh Kamak, Ngudda Nakangila. my mother is Ngal-bangardi, my brother is Nakangila, my sister is Ngal-kangila, my mother’s mother kakkak is Ngal-wakadj.

    My Patrilineal moiety is Yirritja
    My Matrilineal Moiety is Mardku

  19. Lee-V
    Lee-V says:

    Hello, I am Na-Bulanj and my mother is Ngal-Kamarrang. My brother is na-wamud and my mother’s mother is Ngal-Ngarridj.

    Melody K, does this make me you my sister?

    • Tony-G
      Tony-G says:

      Hello Nabulanj (Lee-V),
      I am Nangarridj, who is my mother? What is my patri-moiety? and my matri-moiety?

      If I am not mistaken, you are my sister’s daughter’s son
      (is that my great-nephew in Balanda way?)

      I think you could also be my mother’s mother’s brother
      (so that would make you my great-uncle, I think)

    • Melody-K
      Melody-K says:

      Yes, that means you’re my brother! So now if I want to tell you things I should be going through a third person and not talking to you directly 🙂

  20. Tony-G
    Tony-G says:

    My head is spinning a bit with the dual moiety systems and the comparisons between Yolngu and Bininj moieties.

    The more I learn the more I realise how little I know. Such has been the ongoing journey of my life. at this rate it won’t be long before I know nothing.

    I am aware we are being introduced to a systematic framework for understanding relationships, which underpins obligations for the healthy functioning of society. I am also aware that the reality of life is that often times relationships do not follow the prescribed or preferred patterns – and therefore there are other ways of negotiating and agreeing on relational communication and obligations that an ancient and socially mature social system must and does accommodate.

    I hope to be able to get a better grasp of the basic kunkurlah system; and then to get some insight at least, into what processes might occur when ‘marriages’ and children from outside of these ‘first’ and ‘second’ preference partnerships happen, as they surely do.

    I am in awe of the complexity and the inherent wisdom that sits within these ancient systems. Stunning!

  21. Steve-B
    Steve-B says:

    Hi. I am Nabulanj. My mother is Ngalkamarrang, my brother is Nabulanj, my sister is Ngalbulanj, my mother’s mother is Ngalngarridj. What is my matri-moeity and patri-moeity?

  22. Geoff-B
    Geoff-B says:

    Hi, sorry I’m so late!
    I am Nawamud. My mother is Ngalbulanj, my brother is Nawamud, my sister is Ngalwamud, my mother’s mother is Ngalkamarang.
    I got my Gurr-goni skin name of Godjok from my late brother Godjok of the Boburerre clan.

  23. Celeste-L
    Celeste-L says:

    Hello everyone,

    Sorry I am a little behind! Ngale kunkurlah ngarduk ngal-Bangardi my sister is ngal-Bangardi, my brother is na-Bangardi, if I am following right my mother is ngal- wakadj, my daughter would be- ngal-kangilia (which is my wallaby babies skin name) and my grand-daughter ngal-kodjok (this would also be my

    what do I call the sister of my right skin (na-wamud & na-kamarrang?)

  24. Louise-W
    Louise-W says:

    Hi all…very late catch up!

    Kamak ngudda kundulrah Ngalkangila, my mother is Ngalbangardi, my ngadburrung is Nakangila, my yabok is Ngalkangila and my mothers mother is Ngalwakadj…

    What is correct term for mother’s mother (doi doi?0 and father’s mother?
    What is the word for poison or wrong kunkulrah?


  25. Shay-J
    Shay-J says:

    Ngudda kamak

    Apologies, I am late to start.

    I am Ngalwamud, my mother is Ngalbulanj, my brother is Nawamud, sister is Ngalwamud and my mother’s mother is Ngalkamarrang.

    If I marry Nabangardi what will my daughter be?


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