2020 BK short course

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  1. Jane-B
    Jane-B says:

    Hi A great lesson, lots of learning in there. I got a bit confused about using the prefix on the adjective.
    If you want to say
    Its a good river
    manmak mankabo ?
    Its good grass
    kunmak kundalk?

    Shes a good person
    bininj ngalmak
    He a good person
    bininj namak

    Is that right?

    • Cathy Bow
      Cathy Bow says:

      Hi Jane – I asked Murray about this and here’s his response:

      “The adjective TENDS to follow the noun but either are acceptable. Here the correct form is kundalk manmak or manmak kundalk. Note that phrase would also mean ‘good cannabis’ because kundalk means grass and cannabis, the latter now being unfortunately a commonly used recreational (but destructive) drug in Bininj communities.

      Shes a good person
      bininj ngalmak
      That looks odd to me. I would expect you would use daluk ngalmak > Ngaleh daluk ngalmak. Bininj is only used for the ‘person’ sense in the plural ‘people’. I guess daluk actually means ‘a female human/person > i.e. woman’.”

      I’ve updated the lesson to show some examples, and if you wanted to do more, there’s a lesson on adjectives and adverbs in the full semester course 🙂


  2. Simon-C
    Simon-C says:

    This last lesson was jam-packed with goodies, including bush tucker! As a plant ecologist, I was really interested to see that Bininj have two different names for the Kakadu Plum, which has only one Latin name. That shows that the best botanists are people who actually live with the plants! It was also good to get an understanding of the broader kinship relationships, as I’d heard quite a few of those names before and found them completely baffling. Thanks for a great end to the course 🙂

  3. Steve-B
    Steve-B says:

    The noun prefixes are really interesting. I’d noticed lots of words start with ‘-kun’ now I understand why. I’ve really enjoyed the course. Lots of really good content. I’m hoping to continue to increase my vocab and would like to read Steve Etherington’s textbook.Thanks for a great course!

  4. Jamie-M
    Jamie-M says:

    Theres such a rich knowledge base around bush tucker (and bush medicines similarly), one of the many topic areas that represent a great opportunity for balanda to learn from Bininj.
    At Marlkawo last year we went out on bush tucker trips most days. Mankung (bush honey) was the favourite and is in abundance in that area, it is particularly delicious. We also had times collecting various bush plums which can be quite delicious, though some are quite bitter. the freshwater catch was limited to ngalmangiyi, ngardderrhwo and dunbuhmanj (black bream) – i only tried ngardderrhwo, not to my liking, but then i am mostly vegetarian!
    I’ve really enjoyed the course, it does get through a lot of content and provides what is hopefully a really strong foundation for continued learning.

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