2020 Semester 2

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  1. Andrea-P
    Andrea-P says:

    My skin name is Ngalkangila. My brothers are all Nagangila. My sister is Ngalkangila. My father is Nakammarang. His mother is Ngalngarridj and his father is Nawakadj
    My mother is Ngalbangardi and her mother is Ngalwakokj. Her father is Nawamud.

    Writing activity
    Nawamud kare kabbal. Nawamud kanan Ngalkangila dja ngakamarrang. Karrinan djenj. Karrirnqn djenj. Kabarrire kurred. (I know kabarrire is incorrect but can’t work out the 3rd person pl 3+ for re)

  2. Anna-F
    Anna-F says:

    My skin name is Ngalbangardi. My brother is Nabangardi. My sister is Ngalbangardi. My father is Nabulanj. His mother is Ngalkamarrang and his father is Nabangardi.
    My mother is Ngalwakadj and her mother is Ngalkodjok. Her father is Nawamud.

    Writing activity
    Nawamud kanan manbelk. Nawamud, Ngalwamud dja Ngalwamud kabirrinan kinga.

    • Andrea-P
      Andrea-P says:

      Glad you fixed your parentage, I was going to suggest a trade in of your father to either Nabulanj or Naganarridj!

      So if your father is Nabulanj, what is your patromoiety and what is his patromoeity?

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