2020 Semester 2

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  1. Andrea-P
    Andrea-P says:

    My skin name is Ngalkangila. My brothers are all Nagangila. My sister is Ngalkangila. My father is Nakammarang. His mother is Ngalngarridj and his father is Nawakadj
    My mother is Ngalbangardi and her mother is Ngalwakokj. Her father is Nawamud.

    Writing activity
    Nawamud kare kabbal. Nawamud kanan Ngalkangila dja ngakamarrang. Karrinan djenj. Karrirnqn djenj. Kabarrire kurred. (I know kabarrire is incorrect but can’t work out the 3rd person pl 3+ for re)

  2. Anna-F
    Anna-F says:

    My skin name is Ngalbangardi. My brother is Nabangardi. My sister is Ngalbangardi. My father is Nabulanj. His mother is Ngalkamarrang and his father is Nabangardi.
    My mother is Ngalwakadj and her mother is Ngalkodjok. Her father is Nawamud.

    Writing activity
    Nawamud kanan manbelk. Nawamud, Ngalwamud dja Ngalwamud kabirrinan kinga.

  3. Colin Barker
    Colin Barker says:

    my skin name is na-kodjok, my sister is ngal-kodjok, my mother is ngal-kangila, my father is na-kangila. my mother’s mother is ngal-bangardi,

    • Andrea-P
      Andrea-P says:

      Glad you fixed your parentage, I was going to suggest a trade in of your father to either Nabulanj or Naganarridj!

      So if your father is Nabulanj, what is your patromoiety and what is his patromoeity?

    • Cathy Bow
      Cathy Bow says:

      I’m confused Colin – earlier you introduced yourself as Nakodjok, but now you’re giving a different (and female version) skin name. And if you were Ngalwamud, your father couldn’t be Nabulanj because your mother would be Ngalbulanj. Father’s fathers are more complicated because of the two different options for father which would go for two generations.

  4. Emily-B
    Emily-B says:

    a. Ngangeyo Emily, I am Ngal-ngarridi which makes my mother Ngal-wamud and my mother’s mother Ngal-bulanj . I have 3 brothers who are Na-ngarridj and a sister Ngal-ngarridj. I am expecting my first baby, who will be either Na-kamarang or Ngal-kamarrang.

  5. Kellie-D
    Kellie-D says:

    My skin name is Ngal-bulanj. My sister is Ngal-bulanj, my brother is Na-bulanj. My mother is Ngal-kamarrang. Her mother is Ngalngarridj. My father is Nabangardi and his mother is Ngalwakadj.

  6. Shay-J
    Shay-J says:

    I am Ngalwamud, my mother is Ngalbulanj, my sister is Ngalwamud, brother is Nawamud and mother’s mother is Ngalkamarrang. My father is Nakangila and his mother is Ngalbangardi.

    Not sure if that first part is correct?

    Writing task –
    Not sure if this is correct?
    Ngardduk ngadangen kunkurlah Ngalwamud.
    My skin name is Nglawamud.

    Djakku dja djamum kabirrire mandengeyi.
    ‘Lefty’ and the police officer go to the vehicle.

    • Cathy Bow
      Cathy Bow says:

      That looks good Shay, though I’m not familiar with ‘ngadangen’?
      Soon we’ll learn a new pronoun for just 2 people kabenerer mangendgeyi (and watch your spelling – djamun)

  7. Zenobia-J
    Zenobia-J says:

    a. I am Ngalbangardi, my mother is Ngalwakadj, my sister is Ngalbangardi, my brother is Nabangardi and my mother’s mother is Ngalkodjok.

    e. Nawamud – his mother is Ngalbulanj, his brother is Nawamud, his sister is Ngalwamud and his mother’s mother is Ngalkamarrang.

  8. Zenobia-J
    Zenobia-J says:

    I have learnt a lot in this week’s lesson. It was great to get a refresher of how skin and clan are passed on and how important this system is to everyday life of Bininj. The grammar is still manageable and it is nice to see how my vocabulary is slowly expanding!

    Here is an attempt at some sentences:
    Picture 1: Nabangardi kanan manlabbarl. Nabangardi kanan nganabbarru dja kundulk.
    Picture 2: Wurdwurd kare kulabbarl. Wurdwurd kanan kinga.

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