2020 Semester 2

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  1. Andrea-P
    Andrea-P says:

    I found this week very heavy going but still enjoyed it. There is such a lot of content. I found it helpful to start a little index book. It is like a dictionary at the front and at the back, I have tabs for different verbs. On the page for each verb, I have written in all the conjugations. I found this tricky, especially with the tenses and different plural forms which is why I created these pages. I think that I could learn this much better if I was communicating with Kunwinjku speakers more, perhaps via Zoom, Collaborate, Webex or Skype. I have tried the telephone but I feel that it would be easier to see the mouth and tongue position to get the pronunciation correct.

    • Emily-B
      Emily-B says:

      Hi Andrea, I am also enjoying it but it was a very full week with lots of new content. I am still wrapping my head ahead half of it.
      Would you like to do the assessment together?
      I could ask you the questions in part 2 and vis versa?

    • Colin Barker
      Colin Barker says:

      I also found this week’s content very hard as it seemed a little passive, we can’t practise face to face with anyone, so it seems harder? Do you know any Kunwinjku speakers where you are?

      • Andrea-P
        Andrea-P says:

        Hi Emily and Colin
        Sorry, I have only just seen these messages and realise that the assessment is actually due now. Perhaps you will be able to get an extension if you contact Cathy?

        I did the assessment as I have some adopted family but I am happy to work together to help you two. I think that it could be worth us all having a Zoom session together or something like that. We can practise back and forward with the introductions and anything else you think might help. It would be like a bit of a tute group. I feel very lucky that I have people who I can do to and ask questions and who help me with what I am learning but would love for us to have some sort of face to face interaction to help us through the course material.

        • Emily-B
          Emily-B says:

          Oh Andrea, that is so kind and thoughtful of you.
          Cathy helped us link up together so it worked out in the end.
          Maybe if we need to do something else similar we can work together. Thank you.

  2. Colin Barker
    Colin Barker says:

    This week’s content was quite challenging as there was so many kinship terms to learn all at once, but I think the skin chart really helps!. I often get confused anyway with a family tree, so for this content, it seemed even doubly difficult. I guess that as we progress it should become a little easier to remember the kinship terms and where everyone fits in.

  3. Colin Barker
    Colin Barker says:

    I was a little confused with clan names, but after revising it again, I found that it is taken from the father’s moiety, and can be either Duwa/yirridjdja, I think that is right?

  4. Zenobia-J
    Zenobia-J says:

    The grammar is clearly getting harder now! My head is spinning trying to figure out all the different pronouns and how it is used in its different forms. It feels like a mountain to climb and I wonder whether it ever becomes easy?
    The most interesting to me this week was to learn about the different terms of reference and terms of address and recognising some of the words from previous weeks, now understanding how they are used. The most difficult is obviously the grammar. Even practicing those few sentences, I still get it wrong many times, even if I think I know how it works. It can be quite frustrating.
    I would love to hear about people’s strategies to learn the content. I am trying to just simply memorise it, especially the pronouns. I figure if I can have an almost photographic memory of the content, it may stick and I can then try and access the photo when putting together sentences. Whether it will work – only time will tell!
    I personally think the only thing that will help me learn this better is to keep working at it and practice with someone that can do it. I feel I should keep making sentences and learn from my mistakes. I also need to make more time, which can sometimes be a little challenging to find!

  5. Kellie-D
    Kellie-D says:

    This grammar is really challenging, I find myself going over and over it again however on a positive note, when I hear my patients speaking in language, I am able to pick up little parts of this grammar which is exciting. I find it so fascinating how there is so many different terms of reference for the same person. It is so unique in this way.

    I asked a colleague to assist with all we have been earning. He informed me that there was lots of different ways to spell things and he said that the spelling wasn’t important. I guess this goes back to the fact that the written language was formed only recently and is not the core of the language. It very much confused me though – for the sake of the course I will follow the spelling we are taught however I just found it a very interesting fact

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