2020 Semester 2

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  1. Kellie-D
    Kellie-D says:

    My skin name is Ngal-bulanj
    Frank is my brother, I call him kokok
    Donna is my grandmother, I call her kakkak.
Cheryl is Mum to Dell. Cheryl calls Dell djedje, Dell calls Cheryl Karrang

  2. Andrea-P
    Andrea-P says:

    Ngaye Kunkurla ngalkangila. Ngayime Donna, kakkali. Donna kayime kakkali. Ngayime Roseanne Karrang, Karrang kayime djedje. Ngayime Julie dja Jill Kakkak. Julie kayime Roseanne djedje. Ngayime Seraine rdadda dja kayime yabok.

  3. Zenobia-J
    Zenobia-J says:

    I find it easier to figure out the relationships if they are from the same patrimoiety. So, my first attempt is using Julie (Ngalwakadj) and Roxanne (Ngalbangardi).
    – Ngalwakadj will call Ngalbangardi djedje and Ngalbangardi will call Ngalwakadj karrard

    I find it harder when people are from opposite patrimoieties. So, my second attempt is using Roxanne (Ngalbangardi) and Frank (Nabulanj)
    – Ngalbangardi’s daughter will be Ngalkangila. She can marry either Nabulanj or Nangarridj. So let’s assume Ngalbangardi’s daughter married Nabulanj. Ngalkangila will call him her kanjok, and Ngalbangardi will call him nakurrng. Nabulanj will call ngalbangardi ngalkurrng.

    If the above structure is correct, then Nabulanj will call Ngalwakadj kakkak.

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