pronominal prefix

This prefix identifies the subject of the verb by a pronoun.

In Bininj Kunwok, these are a compulsory part of the verb phrase (except for 3rd person in past tense constructions).

The following chart shows the full range of pronominal prefixes alongside the independent pronouns that are sometimes used for emphasis:


1st person SINGULAR nga- ngaye I, me
DUAL INC ngarr- ngarrku I + you
DUAL EXC ngane- ngarrewoneng I + 1 other (not you)
TRIAL INC kane- karrewoneng I + you, and 1 other
PLURAL INC karri- kadberre I + you and others (3+)
PLURAL EXC ngarri- ngad I + 2+ others (not you)
2nd SG yi- ngudda you (1)
DUAL ngune- ngurrewoneng you (2)
PLURAL ngurri- ngudberre you (3+)
3rd SG MASC ka- nungka he, him
SG FEM ka- ngaleng she, her
DUAL kabene- berrewoneng they 2
PLURAL kabirri- bedda they 3+