Grammar terminology

Grammar terminology

Check your understanding of grammatical terms used in this course


Introducing Bininj

Introducing Bininj

Test your understanding

Introducing Bininj culture

Introducing Bininj culture

Check your understanding

Skin systems

Skin systems quiz

Test your understanding of some of the basics of the Bininj Kunwok skin system.

NOTE: if the answers all have circles then there’s only one correct answer. If the answers all have squares there’s more than one correct answer.

Basics of grammar

Basics of Grammar

Check your understanding



Animals matching

Match the pictures with the correct animal names in Kunwinjku.

Totems 26


Test what you’ve learnt so far about Totems

Skin and family names 29

Skin and family names

Test your understanding of how the skin system works with kinship terms.

These all assume right-way marriage.

Note that a round button means one answer only and a square button means two.

Grammar past & present 12

Grammar - past & present

Test your knowledge of the grammar learnt so far in the course. You can complete this quiz as many times as you like so just use it to help guide you in which grammatical concepts you need to focus on in your study and revision.


Family culture

Family culture

Test what you’ve learnt so far

Family matters

Family matters

Test your knowledge of family terms with this quiz. You may need to go back and refer to some of the information in this unit to help you with the answers.

Pron prefixes

Pronominal prefixes (sg/dual/trial/plural)

Check your understanding


Inclusive and exclusive

See how well you can use the different forms of ‘we’ in Kunwinjku.


Independent and possessive pronouns

Test yourself


Karrinahnarren 3

Karrinahnarren quiz

Test yourself

Grandparents matching

Grandparents quiz

Test your understanding of the relationships between grandparents and grandchildren in Kunwinjku.

Grandparents quiz

Grandparents' names

Match the name to the person

Unit 5 Vocab

Test yourself on these animals – but this time you have to type the answers

Questions & answers

Questions & answers

Test your knowledge of the grammatical concepts just taught